Our Research

LNTN researchers study a wide variety of therapeutic agents, treatment methodologies and biomarkers of disease. If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact us.

Current Projects

Abatacept and Cyclophosphamide Combination Therapy for Lupus Nephritis (ACCESS)
Principal Investigators: Betty Diamond and David Wofsy

Combination of Antibodies in Lupus Nephritis: Belimumab and Rituximab Assessment of Tolerance and Efficacy (CALIBRATE)  
Principal Investigators: Cindy Aranow, Maria Dall’Era, Betty Diamond, and David Wofsy

Outcome Measures in Lupus Nephritis Trials     
Principal Investigators: Maria Dall’Era, Kenneth KalunianMeggan Mackay, and Brad Rovin

Rituximab for Lupus Nephritis with Remission as a Goal (RING)
Principal Investigators: Frédéric A. Houssiau, Ronald van Vollenhoven, David Jayne, Dimitrious Boumpas, and Ricard Cervera

An Open Label Randomized Multicentre Controlled Phase III Trial of Rituximab and Mycophenalate Lofetil (MMF) Without Oral Steroids for the Treatment of Lupus Nephritis (RITUXILUP)
Principal Investigator: Liz Lightstone